Make Memories

5 Reasons to Visit Us

1. Whether you are travelling across Portugal, looking for nature or seeking excursion adventures across the region, planning a romantic getaway, celebrating an anniversary or alternatively, you just need to relax and to rejuvenate or, for any other reason you may have, we ensure you an incredible experience at Bed & Breakfast Quinta do Salgueiro. In a gorgeous and simple area, moving away from the stresses of everyday life is the perfect excuse to create memories.

2.However, the best part of a romantic Bed & Breakfast experience are the memories we create together.

3. Take this opportunity to fill your mind with the incredible scenery the area offers.

4. Comfortable rooms, candlelit dinners, and romantic add-ons are wonderful reasons to select a Quinta do Salgueiro Bed & Breakfast for your next getaway.


Stay up a little later at night and you will admire a sky full of stars and you will be surprised how they twinkle when there is no light pollution to get in the way. Plus, there is no denying that spending the night at Quinta do Salgueiro Bed & Breakfast is far more romantic than your average hotel room.

Memories for life

In an increasingly impersonal world… A warm welcome, made-to-order meal and opportunity to relax in the sanctuary of your own private room are what make an enjoyable travel experience and memories that last a lifetime.

The cultural charm, historic attractions, and – of course – marvellous mountain views, make the Douro Valley a popular destination all year around. The place provides countless outdoor adventures which await you such as, hiking, mountain biking, mini-cruises, bird watching and far more! Between adventures, unique local art galleries, visit of cave engravings of the Côa Valley, imagine waking up to a sunrise that paints a scene of carnation pink and honey gold hues greeting the rolling green mountaintops outside your window. Our quality-assured property set the scene for an unforgettable mountain vacation.

If you are looking for the perfect farm bed and breakfast, you have come to the right place. With outstanding amenities, historic charm, and unique touches, we know you will have the stay of a lifetime. We want to be your home away from home during your stay. While these amenities include Wifi, TV (at the sitting room) and all the modern amenities, you will probably prefer to unplug and to enjoy the fresh air.
Imagine yourself relaxing on the front porch, your nose in a good book, as you take in the surrounding scenery.

One of the good things about staying at Quinta do Salgueiro is the amazing cuisine we offer : We have our own version of breakfast based on local artisan organically made and “homemade” products, including jams, bread, yogurts, natural juices and herbal teas and homemade yogurts with our own jams.

Dinners whenever possible are provided with our own organic products.