The Douro River is a paradise for bird watchers and they come from all over the world to enjoy the diversity of species unique to the region. We suggest bird watching during morning walks. Alternatively, night walks may also be an an opportunity to observe and hear owls.
You can also stroll on some special bridges.


The Douro International Park is a protected area offering a great variety of dream itineraries with a diversity of landscapes including, mountains, hills, forest and agricultural fields and vineyards. It also offers a variety of walks alongside the Douro River, the official border between Spain and Portugal in the Freixo de Espada à Cinta region. A diversity of daily tours are on the offer.

Boat Trips

Explore and enjoy a boat trip.

River Beach

8 km from Quinta da Congida, a perfect place to stroll, swim or also perfect to enjoy nature, or take a boat trip.